Thursday, March 30, 2006

Two big Bros!

this pic was taken at Vince AF1 2nd album launching... Yasin and Salleh, the main asset of a group called Brothers back to 1996...
now, Yasin is not part of them anymore.. he's duin well with his solo career.. Salleh, is still in the group.. but i duno wat he's really duin now.. but both of this fella r my buddies... always give me spirit to go on with this singing thingy... watever it is.. i wish, all of us will still be buddies till the end..

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

hi there.. this is a pic of my lovely sista and my lovely cuzzin.. there r both in Japan studying.. i miss them so much, but wat to do.. they r so far.. i just got the pic and publish is here.. so proud of being their family.. keep it up sistas! my prayer always with u guys.. see ya soon..

miss ya a lot!! muaaccchhh!!!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

People come, people go

My grandma just passed away last saturday.. i wasnt there at the funeral.. i was in KK.. when i reach Sabah, i got sms from my family tellin me that... i was so sad.. but yeah, life must go on.. i really love my grandma.. she's part of me, for sure... but i'm happy.. she didnt struggle to end her life... alhamdulillaah.. great great! Che'... i didnt attend the tahlil for u.. coz i'm not agree with it... but Allah knows that my do'aa' will always be with u..

And my journey goes on!!!