Monday, March 17, 2008

One of my buddy in the industry

this is one of my favorite buddy in the industry. with brilliant skills of doing jokes, he's one of the humor maker to me. ambitious and generous with advice and giving hope when u are down..
yeah, Azfar.. the beaten ONE IN A MILLION season 1 participant. He was the top 5 as i remembered, and he didnt win... but he's the coolest among the 5..

be with us, talk to us n feel our spirit... u'll find the true heroes in us... at least for ourselves..

Allahu Akbar!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Jump! Jump!

aku kejam ku hilang kau rindu,
lepas tampar mau cium satu minggu,
jgn begitu jgn mengada,
macamana bole rindu Mawi kan ada...
the world is not cruel!
human are! we learnt to live as we lived to learn... there's a lot of consequences in life!
some regret abt what had happen, some dont!
life is what u've decided... for the decision u made, u must accept all the consequences!
love & respect!

devil's bike, LOVE only is not enough!

i dedicate this bike to my football club, Manchester United!
this is to honored them for being the best and coolest club in the whole world.
i love MU ever since i knew football.. i was raised to be a footballer myself, but end up being a singer... hahaha.. weird yes?
but, for u all to know, even when MU lose, the squad is always my heroes...

for George, Eric, David and Cristiano!!!

live united! smell united! breathe united!
look at the front & the side of my bike... hehehe! long live Manchester United!
love ONLY is not enough for human to go thru life! bare that in your mind guys...
p/s : i live for love n respect!

for tomorrow, i dine in HELL!!!

recognize this creature?
u dont???
i do... it's me... this was 6 years back i guess... yeah, around that...
yeah, there are ups n downs in life... but we should be strong... strongest as we can...
i dun really know what i wanna write, but i really do come here to share sumthin...
yeah, i am stressing myself now.. with job, study(oh yes, i continue my learning at UNITAR), my love(Aisyah of course) and future.
i dunno where should this life end.. do we all know? but i am doing my best to get better... but sum people just cant wait... its not their fault tho..
i will just prepare myself for any consequences, for tomorrow, i might dine in HELL!